Real talk, white boys who have a bigger butt than me piss me off.

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The worst thing about audience participation and clapping to music is that there’s always some tragic person who lacks rhythm and keeps loudly clapping off beat.

I admire your determination, but cease and desist.

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Todavía Verde (by JavierAndrés)

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Wearing: I Alberto Makali dress & Nine West shoes

Sheri, New York

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All lame white boys need to be locked in a cage or something.

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All these unfunny white boys and all these unfunny pranks.

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Sean Mundy
sound in a dark room, 2014

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Marek HospodarskyMarried, 2007 

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Drew, Peter, Robert & Cousin Mikey by free bliss on Flickr.

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Why do so many people in the Disney fandom edit their pictures in that weird white washed/pale filter????

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